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More Than Just Semantics: Home Watch vs. House Sitter
If you own a property that will be empty or uninhabited for a considerable time, you should have someone take care of it on your behalf. This classification would apply to the following four primary categories of residential properties: Houses in which the owner has relocated to an elderly care facility or nursing home, Snowbird houses that are uninhabited during the winter months, Properties that are currently up for sale, and Inherited homes or properties that are going through the probate process.

In every one of these scenarios, a valuable asset is being neglected while lying idle. Leaks, insects, mold, mildew, sewer gas, and other terrible results may cost you thousands of dollars and chip away at the home’s value. Other disastrous repercussions include sewage gas. Many homeowners have concluded that there is only one solution: hire someone to guard their homes. Unfortunately, many people looking for competent and professional services need to understand the words most often used: house sitter and home watch.

In modern parlance, “house sitter” refers to someone who occupies and looks after your home while you are away. They live on the property much the same as you would, so they are not monitoring anything. They come and go at the same rate as you do. They may or might not run appliances, check for leaks, replace filters, and do other jobs that are part of the usual maintenance you would conduct around the house. Many people offer their services as house sitters, but most of them do not own their own houses, so you shouldn’t expect them to do much more than make your property seem “lived in.” If having a resident is the only thing you’re looking for, this could be the right choice. However, since you will be signing a contract for a certain time, you could lose the right to inhabit the property under this arrangement. Several firms enable matching between homeowners and sitters; nevertheless, it is important to remember that you would entrust a stranger with the care of your treasured home and possessions for extended periods. It is up to you to decide.

A home watch service, on the other hand, is a company that monitors the safety and well-being of an empty property while the owner is away. They take on this job on your behalf. Because this company does not make arrangements for individuals to reside in the home, you are free to enter and exit the property anytime that suits you. The necessity that most homeowners do not want strangers in their vacant homes is one that a house watch service can provide. They have the necessary certifications and insurance for this line of work and the tools and expertise to see potential issues and find solutions to them before they escalate into a major problems. You are quite far away, but thanks to their familiarity with the area and their ability to communicate, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that there is someone there whose single responsibility it is to check the status of the home and all of its components. They spend most of their time on-site going through thorough checklists to search for any problems before they arise. In contrast to a house sitter, their exclusive concentration will be on the care of your property and the preservation of your tranquility.

Make sure you know the distinction irrespective of which option best suits your requirements. You require a house sitter if you want someone else to occupy your home while you are away on business or vacation. If you are in Sarasota, a home watch is what you need. On the other hand, you would rather the house be empty except when you plan to use it, but you want a trained expert to keep an eye on the building, the grounds, and all of the systems sustaining it.


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